DJ J. Daniel“I’ve had the honor and privilege of having Stacy Zemon help me with my DJ identity, logo, website, content and with business advice.  What an expert and what an experience working with this icon! In a short amount of time I’ve learned so much from this grand “Jedi Master.”  It’s the way she clearly explains what you need help with, she’s like the Yoda of DJing.  In my opinion Stacy’s level of expertise is unmatched.  I easily can see why everyone is so successful when they use her services, but what I’ve come to love about Stacy is that she genuinely wants you to succeed. I consider myself lucky to have worked with her.  Stacy has given me hope that I can thrive and be a successful DJ by providing me the tools and encouragement. I will continue to use her DJ Success Consulting services because they are a must, and I personally think the DJ community owes her a debt of gratitude for her service.  Stacy you have me in awwww working with you!”

Julio DeLaCruz
J. Daniel Disc Jockey Entertainment

JJ2“I worked with Stacy Zemon for four years to gain national industry exposure as well as to improve and expand my business. Not only does she have innovative ideas but Stacy is easy to work with and produces results. She is very forward thinking and has provided me with a variety of marketing services. Stacy has consistently shared her ideas that I used to help my business grow. The bottom-line is that her efforts have helped me to become nationally known, and my business has increased substantially. I have found Stacy to be a person of the highest integrity and someone who is both well-known and highly respected in the industry.”

Jason Jani, Owner
SCE Event Group

Scott & Michelle“I am absolutely in love with our website content and you have found the perfect way to showcase our business! Our investment in having you create it for us is SO worth the $. No matter how long and hard Scott and I had thought and attempted to create a website which sold our vision–we could have never come up with anything close to this.  Thank you, thank you, thank you!!”

Michelle Taylor
HeartLight Entertainment

2014-6-19 Belleville NJ. LJDJs. Photos by: Greg Pallante“So who is Ms. Stacy Zemon? We’ve heard so many interesting things about her but some DJs may not discovered how powerful her success coaching is. When my wedding proposal video went viral and I got married on a TV talk show the media attention was new to me. I looked no further than Stacy for guidance. She immediately knew how to brand me and to capitalize on the attention. I liked that Stacy brought clear, direct and innovative marketing ideas to me about maximizing the media frenzy to directly help my entertainment company. I found the experience of working with her was very easy but all business! I can assure you that Stacy is now on my speed dial!”

Jack Bermeo, Owner
LJDJS Event Design & Entertainment

Sue_The_DJ_Bling_Birthday_night_9“I created my business website in 2004, and through the years have made changes from time to time.  I’ve had pretty good success, but google analytics showed that many visitors would look at my page for about a minute and then never click another page. Somehow my site just did not seem to deliver the message or get the results that I needed. I reached out to Stacy and sooner than I expected, she gave my website a complete makeover, editing and rewriting content, taking away and adding in, even making color, structure, and design changes. I am so pleased with the new feminine look and message but most of all, I am thrilled that since Stacy did her thing, every inquiry thru my website has turned into a signed contract! Thank you Stacy for the “Bride magnet” results I’m getting today.”

Susan Meloun
Sue The DJ

Terry Hopper“Stacy Zemon is a true icon in our industry. Clouded judgment bursts when she is on the case. Ms. Zemon uses the right mixture of experience, intuition, and wisdom through open and uplifting dialog to quickly get to the root causes of frustration. Together, we created both personal and business strategies that have helped grow my business. New employees have been added as a direct result of her advice and they are excelling in their responsibilities. Stacy has even taken it upon herself to ‘check-in’ and follow up on occasion to gauge progress. Each time, she does so, I’m happy to report to her that the plans are succeeding near flawlessly. Thank you Stacy!”

Terry Hopper, Founder
Anatime Entertainment

Kelli Burns modified“I have worked with many coaches so I am very selective. Stacy had the skills I needed, was flexible with my issues, and she communicated clearly and concisely about what I needed to do to make my business expansion happen. I highly recommend her as a business success coach!”

Kelli Burns
Kelli Burns Entertainment


stacy zemon & Johnny k“You told me that you had never seen an emcee like me before and people needed to hear what I had to say. Then you invited me to speak at your Masters Round table seminar. Well I was unbelievably nervous but I trusted you and thank God I did. You and only you saw something in me that caused you to give me a chance. You gave me the confidence that I needed and for that you deserve a major thank you. When I tell people how I made it, I will include you in my explanation.”

Johnny Kelly
Pure Energy Entertainment