Business Intuitive Readings



Business Intuitive Reading

A business intuitive reading is for those who already have or want to start a holistic or lightworker practice.

You’ll receive clear, specific answers to questions about your company or career delivered in an honest and tactful manner and intended for your highest good.

Stacy connects with her celestial support tribe and yours to provide insight and clarity about the likely outcomes of your considerations, choices, timing, and next steps.

This includes identifying obstacles and influences that are holding you back, any limiting beliefs that are keeping you stuck, and hidden pitfalls.

Knowing what is to come empowers you to make informed decisions or course corrections because, just like a ripple effect, the choices you make TODAY affect your destiny TOMORROW.

You can achieve professional success and personal fulfillment that align with your life’s purpose and create lasting prosperity for your enterprise!

Distance business intuitive readings are every bit as accurate and powerful as those held in person because once Stacy tunes in to your energy field, our connection is not limited by the confines of space or time. Readings can take place over the phone or on Zoom video.


Stacy Zemon is a gifted intuitive known for her accuracy in predicting the future. She is also a holistic practitioner and lightworker who helps other entrepreneurs achieve success.

Using her keen insight and spiritual guidance, Stacy has given hundreds of readings to clients from many backgrounds, walks of life, and locations around the world.

She channels information directly from the beings of light in her celestial support tribe.

As host of the Other Dimensions radio show in Philadelphia and co-host of The Psychic Partners Show, broadcast globally on Blog Talk Radio, Stacy has shared her prophecies and wisdom with countless thousands of people.

Her educational degrees include doctorates in metaphysics and divinity, an associate degree in applied science and addiction counseling, and life coaching and ministerial credentials.

Stacy Joyce Zemon


“The thought of leaving the financial security of my corporate job to start a business was very scarry to me. Stacy advised me to stay put while building my new venture selling holistic and spiritual products. This was a really prudent way to make the transition, and I am very grateful for her intuition and guidance.”

– Aisha G.

“I felt uncertain about how incorporating intuitive insight into my psychotherapy practice would be received by clients and affect me professionally. Stacy saw a positive outcome, which gave me the courage to take the leap. I now have more people coming to see me than ever before. Trust me. She is the real deal!”

– Madeline R.

“I wanted to know if my massage and energy work were in alignment with my life’s purpose and felt validated to learn that they are. Stacy gave me insight into two additional modalities I could add to my repertoire, which totally resonated with me. I am over the moon excited to move forward with learning and sharing them.”

– Jennifer K.

“Stacy’s remarkable intuitive gift steered me in the right direction, knowing that taking on a particular business partner was not in my best interest. She gave details as to why and also assured me that my marketing would soon pay off financially, enabling me to move to a larger space. It did! I am extremely grateful for her amazing insight.”

– Jimmy V.

Dee Wallace

“Stacy Zemon is an intuitive who can help unravel your understanding of yourself to empower your life.”

Dee Wallace
Actress, Author, Radio Host, Channel

Scheduling Appointments

Business intuitive readings with Stacy are available worldwide by phone or on Zoom, where, if desired, an MP4 video recording of your session can be emailed to you.

Choose one of the different length business intuitive reading options below to go to Stacy’s appointment calendar. Then: a) Select your time zone (bottom left side); b) Select a date and time; c) Enter your full name and email address; d) Click on your meeting location preference; e) Answer the questions (optional); f) Click on the “Confirm” button; g) Pay with a credit or debit card (no PayPal account is required).

15-Minute Intuitive Reading


Business Intuitive Reading

$40 without Video Recording

$50 with Video Recording



Business Intuitive Reading

$75 without Video Recording

$85 with Video Recording



Business Intuitive Reading

$140 without Video Recording

$150 with Video Recording