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Abundance Manifestation Magic

In Abundance Manifestation Magic, you will learn the keys to manifesting abundance on every level. It’s a magical experience that’s easy to do once you know how! Chapters include: An Abundance Mindset, The Law of Attraction, Raising Your Vibration, The Power of Affirmations, Accessing Intuition & Divine Guidance, Money Matters, and more. 31-page downloadable PDF.


Am I Gifted

In Am I Gifted? A Guide for Self Discovery, you will identify if you are, what this means, and learn information about gifted people. Chapters include: Your Unique Challenges, Self-Loving Solutions, Multiple Intelligences, Gifted Adults Checklist, and more. 20-page downloadable PDF.


The Lightworker's Marketing Guide

In The Lightworkers Marketing Guide, you will discover highly effective strategies for growing a thriving, profitable, and sustainable holistic enterprise! Chapters include Determining Your Value, What Really Motivates People, Your Ideal Target Market, Marketing Success Strategies, and more. 31-page downloadable PDF.


The Gifted Holisticpreneur

In The Gifted Holisticpreneur, you will learn about the natural abilities and unique challenges faced by holistic practitioners and lightworkers, as well as ways to show love to yourself exactly as you are! Chapters include Types of Holistic Practitioners, Your Natural Gifts, Your Unique Challenges, Self-Loving Solutions, and more. 22-page downloadable PDF.