InSpirit Sunday Gathering


InSpirit Services are Held the 1st Sunday of Every Month

We Are a Sacred Community of Kindred Spirits

InSpirit Sunday Gathering

At the Inspirit Sunday Gathering, you will find ample opportunities to learn, share, reflect, and connect in this sacred community of kindred spirits.

Services are held on the first Sunday of every month from 11:11 am to 12:11 pm ET LIVE on Zoom. Click here to attend.

We gather together to deepen our knowledge and insight through spiritual and metaphysical teachings, as well as to experience healing, inner peace, and unity.

Each person’s unique spiritual path is honored with unconditional love in an environment of acceptance, inclusion, and belonging.

Stewardship is provided by Reverend Stacy Zemon; however services are co-created through collaborative participation.

Our focus is spiritual (vs. religious), and InSpirit draws from Unitarian Universalist, Quaker, Unity, and Buddhist traditions but is nondenominational. 

Our unique Order of Service features an enlightening topic shared by our minister or a guest speaker. This is followed by a free-flowing exchange of questions and insights about it.


• Beautiful Music • An inspirational reading • Time for Reflection/meditation • Reiki healing
• A stirring closing message • Announcements of interest • Fellowship directly afterward

  • We are spiritual beings living in human form.
  • Our Souls are Divine, eternal, ever-evolving, and part of the oneness of all life.
  • Living in alignment with the 12 Universal Laws produces inner and outer harmony.
  • Meditation and prayer are vehicles through which we can connect with our intuition and spiritual guidance.
  • We have the power to be conscious creators of our own lives.
  • Feeling and expressing gratitude increases blessings for which to be grateful.
  • Compassion, equity, and justice should govern our decisions and relationships.
  • In the inherent worth and dignity of all life forms.
  • Serving the world through love in action is an important part of our life’s purpose.
  • Regularly attend InSpirit Sunday Gatherings!
  • Suggest an inspirational reading or stirring closing message!
  • Share an enlightening topic as a guest speaker!
  • Offer Reiki healing during services!
  • Stay afterward for fellowship and social networking!
  • Support InSpirit with a financial love offering!

If you would like to participate with any of the above or have another idea, please contact Rev. Stacy Zemon at or (856) 397-3500.

Stacy Zemon

Stacy Zemon received her ministerial credentials as well as doctorate degrees in divinity and metaphysics in 2000 through Universal Life Church. She grew up with the faith traditions of both a Unitarian mother and Jewish father. Stacy has spent many years studying a wide variety of spiritual, metaphysical, self-help, and religious teachings and developing spiritual practices. They have expanded her consciousness and led to a profound inner metamorphosis. Learn more about Stacy.

If what we offer and believe resonates with you, please become part of
InSpirit’s ever-growing and evolving community, where all are welcome!



Contact Rev. Stacy Zemon

Email: /  Phone: (856) 397-3500

Making a Small Financial Love Offering for Each InSpirit Sunday Gathering
You Attend Helps to Defray Our Administrative and Operational Costs.

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InSpirit Sunday Gathering