Transformational Life Coaching


As a life coaching client, Stacy Zemon provides you with guidance and support to set and achieve goals, identify and overcome obstacles, and take a quantum leap toward creating your ideal life.

Sessions are individualized and can focus on relationships, job/career, finances, personal development, or any other area of importance to you.

Stacy uses a psychospiritual approach to coaching that calls upon a variety of powerful psychological and spiritual tools, techniques, and resources.

She listens closely to your needs, desires, and concerns, then offers direction and feedback mixed with intuitive insight that’s delivered in a constructive and compassionate manner.

You’ll come away with increased self-awareness, clarity, confidence, courage, self-love, and the satisfaction that comes from the positive internal and external changes you experience.

Life Coaching Empowers You To:

If you want to achieve swift, powerful results and are willing to do the necessary inner work, coaching with Stacy may be just the solution you’ve been looking for to create the life of your dreams!


Stacy Zemon is a highly skilled life coach. She has helped clients worldwide triumph over challenges, navigate major changes, and achieve their goals for over a decade.

Her life coaching accreditation is from the Southwestern Institute for Healing Arts. Stacy also holds doctorate degrees in metaphysics and divinity, an associate degree in applied science and addiction counseling, as well as ministerial credentials.

On a personal level, Stacy grew up in a dysfunctional family and throughout her life has had to overcome many difficult challenges to not only survive but to thrive.

She has learned how to do this successfully by seeking professional assistance, attending personal growth courses, and by connecting with her intuition, higher wisdom, and spiritual guidance.

These efforts have rewarded Stacy with positive, permanent shifts in the quality of her life.

Stacy Joyce Zemon


“Stacy led me to my own answers rather than trying to give them to me. She made me feel safe enough to expose what I perceived as my weaknesses and never judged me. Instead, she guided me to my deepest wisdom, which was there the whole time; I just wasn’t listening.”

– Bre W.

“I’d been feeling totally stuck about making positive changes in my life for years. Stacy made constructive suggestions for baby steps I could take and was very supportive, and she also gave me gentle nudges to help me break through barriers I’d built up since childhood.”

– Russ G.

“Stacy provided me with helpful tools and practices to cope with a major health issue. She was also an excellent listener, highly empathetic, and very insightful. With her assistance, I was able to let down emotional barriers that were contributing to my illness.”

– Cheryl P.

“Stacy asked some very thought-provoking questions and listened beyond my responses to get to my true core beliefs. Her guidance, feedback, and intuition helped me deal with some very challenging situations and ultimately find resolution and peace.”

– Toni M.

Scheduling Life Coaching Appointments

Life coaching sessions take place on mutually convenient dates and times and can be scheduled weekly, every two weeks, or monthly (your choice). They can take place over the phone or on Zoom (recommended), where a video recording can be made and sent to you if desired. Everything discussed is 100% confidential.


Payment can be made by credit card, debit card, Venmo, or PayPal. If you’d prefer to make installment payments, you can apply for PayPal credit. They offer no-interest financing if the balance is paid in full within 6 months.

Life Coaching


All Packages Include:

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NOTE: If you aren’t sure which one to choose, you can book a single Power Session to find out what the experience is like. You can also schedule a no-obligation Discovery Call before making a decision. This is a conversation in which you briefly share your life goals and Stacy explains the ways in which she can help you achieve them.

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3, 1-Hour Sessions


(Save $75 Off the Single Session Fee)


6, 1-Hour Sessions


(Save $300 Off the Single Session Fee)


9, 1-Hour Sessions


(Save $675 Off the Single Session Fee)


12, 1-Hour Sessions


(Save $1,200 Off the Single Session Fee)


1-Hour Session



20-Minute Q&A Call