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Hosting a psychic party is a unique and memorable way to spend time with friends or family for a special occasion or just for fun.

Simply invite a group of 6–10 people to your home. While you and your guests visit and enjoy the refreshments you have provided, each person receives a 15-minute private psychic reading from Stacy in a quiet room or setting, removed from the rest of the gathering.

Everyone will love this illuminating event. And as the host, you receive a FREE psychic reading! 

Plus, if a guest books another psychic party while we are there, you BOTH receive a complimentary psychic reading at that party!

Some hosts choose not to have all of their guests arrive at the same time. If desired, you can schedule the time of each person’s psychic reading in advance and then have them arrive 15–30 minutes before their reading.


Stacy Zemon is a highly gifted psychic known for her accuracy in predicting the future.

Over the past fifteen years, she has given hundreds of readings to clients from many backgrounds, walks of life, and locations around the world.

Stacy was blessed with the natural ability to channel information directly from the beings of light in her celestial support tribe.

Her intuitive readings and guidance have been heard by countless thousands of people as the host of the Other Dimensions radio show in Philadelphia and co-host of The Psychic Partners Show, which aired globally on Blog Talk Radio.

She has been a guest on a myriad of radio shows, podcasts, and TV programs and has been featured in national publications.

Psychic Stacy


“Stacy’s reading was incredibly insightful. I was very hesitant to leave the security of a good job to start my own business, but after knowing it would succeed, I decided to go for it. I’m so glad I followed my dream and my life is much more fulfilling and happier now!”

– Liz S.

“Stacy reads you like an open book and connects everything together in a way that’s crystal clear. I had been waiting three years for my boyfriend to propose, and I found out he finally would while we were on vacation. Guess what? He did! I will definitely be getting readings from her again.”

– Aliyah T.

“I was very concerned about uprooting my family and moving to Florida for a new job. Stacy gave me the confidence to know that everything would turn out for the best. It did! We’re there now, enjoying the sunny weather, and my career is on an upward trajectory.”

– Richard B.

“I have had intuitive readings with Stacy on several occasions, and the information she shares is always right on point. That’s why whenever I have a major choice to make or feel unsure about someone or something, her insight gives me clarity and helps me decide.”

– Myrna P.

Dee Wallace

“Stacy Zemon is an intuitive who can help unravel your understanding of yourself to empower your life.”

Dee Wallace
Actress, Author, Radio Host, Channel

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e) Make a $100 deposit by credit or debit card (no PayPal account is required).

f) Collect $50 payments from each of the 6–10 guests who are attending.

g) Pay the balance due within one week of the event. You can use Zelle or Venmo using Stacy’s phone number, 856-397-3500, or email address,